Higher Ground Meadow

Higher Ground Meadow

Winner of the Best Natural Burial Ground 2016 -17 & 18

Thank you for requesting more information about our pre-paid funeral plan.  We have no standard priced/graded plans e.g. bronze, silver, gold, as you are an individual with your own unique wishes. Every plan therefore is tailored to what you want and is calculated on an individual basis using current prices.

If your choice is to eventually be buried, the first thing to do is to purchase the burial rights to your chosen plot. We will meet at Higher Ground Meadow and walk around with you to help you select an area that you like best. This might be in a wildflower meadow or one of our woodland plots. If you are unable to visit, we can select a plot for you.  Our clients appreciate the peace of mind that being able to pay for their chosen plot at today’s prices gives them, and knowing that this cost will never increase.

Having secured the plot, we can then explore all the options available to you so that when the time comes, your funeral takes place in the way you want it to.  We will talk about the actual service or ceremony and who you would like to conduct it.  You may want a very intimate gathering at the graveside, with just a few spoken words and perhaps a favourite piece of music.  Or you may have family and friends who will want to mark your passing with a larger celebration or perhaps a religious service, using our beautiful barn and engaging a  celebrant or minister.

We know that not everyone wants a burial and if you prefer a cremation, we can arrange this too.  A cremation is often carried out before the funeral service.  We can take the deceased person to the crematorium for a private committal and no-one else needs to attend.  This relieves the family from the stress of the ‘conveyer-belt’ feeling at crematoriums. The funeral service can then take place at a convenient time for the family in the welcoming surroundings of our barn. The ashes can be carried to the chosen burial plot for interment or your family may wish to scatter them elsewhere.

Currently we are constructing a round barrow. This is a modern interpretation of the burial mounds left by our ancestors and much-treasured features of our Dorset landscape. The inside of the barrow is formed into passageways and chambers where pottery urns, containing ashes, are placed upon stone shelves known as niches. As with burial plots a niche may be secured prior to need.

Once you have decided on the format of your funeral we’ll help you to complete the appropriate application for your plan.  All funds are securely held and invested by Ecclesiastical Planning Services (EPS) until they are required.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to ensure a truly memorable and meaningful farewell to celebrate and fully reflect your life as well as giving comfort to those mourning your passing.

We look forward to welcoming you to Higher Ground Meadow.  In the meantime, you might like to view our websites www.highergroundmeadow.co.uk  and www.hgff.co.uk