Higher Ground Meadow

General Terms and Conditions  -  1st November 2021

 Only the owners or those employed by the burial ground are permitted to carry out planting, pruning etc. Appropriate native wildflowers can sometimes be planted after prior approval and consultation with the owners. This is a very strict rule which is solely to preserve the natural species and the appearance of the landscape. Anything which is planted and not considered to be correct we will remove. If permission is granted for some planting please place in a random fashion in order to look more natural.

NO artificial flowers or similar to be left, again to preserve the natural appearance no items are to be placed on graves or hung in trees, Flower pots, wind chimes, wooden crosses, pebbles, garden ornaments, ribbons, cards, flower containers, photos, soft toys etc. any will be removed. Whilst we do appreciate that families can feel the need to bring their loved one flowers, please consider just picking one or two from your garden. If you bring bunches of flowers all wrappings must be taken away and dead flowers cleared. At Christmas we do make an exception and will permit wreathes to be left from Dec. 15th until 6th Jan. when they must be cleared. These conditions must be adhered to as families have chosen HGM for its natural beauty.

All vehicles must be parked in the car park but are left at the owner’s risk. Please walk on the mown pathways from early spring until the hay crop has been taken.

Dogs are permitted but they MUST be on a short lead at all times even in the car park. NO dog fouling please ensure you have bags with you and that you clear up behind your dog.

Children are of course welcome, please ensure they are accompanied by an adult and that they are quiet, especially as there could be newly bereaved visiting.

Higher Ground Meadow is open daily 8.30am. – sunset. Should you need to visit outside of these times for security reasons we will need to be informed in advance. If you visit and find a funeral taking place you may still enter some people prefer to walk quietly around the back of the barn and enter through the side gate.

Absolutely no ashes (inc. pets) to be spread on the land.

Burial terms and conditions.

Higher Ground Meadow is available to all faiths religions or beliefs. The land is not consecrated but individual graves may be blessed if desired. No rules apply to floral tributes at the time of the funeral apart from the “words” on plastic frames e.g. Mum etc. these will have to be removed by the family two days following the funeral, please consider the amount of landfill waste these cause.

Because this is a green site we request that the deceased are not embalmed, sometimes called “hygienic treatment” please make this clear to your funeral director. An exception would be made for repatriation or if it was deemed necessary for medical reasons. The deceased should be dressed in natural fabrics without shoes.

All coffins or urns will need to be chosen from the range of environmentally friendly materials, we reserve the right to refuse burial if an inappropriate coffin arrived.

Higher Ground Meadow is owned by our family and the company is directed by Peter and Joanna Vassie and our son Thomas. We hope that one of our three grand children will continue in our footsteps but should this for some unforeseen reason not be possible then Higher Ground Meadow will be gifted to HGM trust and a manager appointed to run things in the same way, it will never be sold.

We reserve the right to alter or amend these conditions if necessary but any variations will not conflict with the original ethos of the burial ground or to any rights conveyed to you.

Refund Terms And Conditions

At Higher Ground Meadow the choice to be buried with us is never a pressured one. Some people like to plan in advance for the inevitable, or to be sure that they will rest next to a relative.

When this is the case – We always offer to show people around the burial ground. On a tour of HGM everything that we do, and indeed don’t do, is explained to you. You have the opportunity to ask any questions while meeting with us, or after the appointment. No pressure will be brought to get you to sign up, you may wish to return with a family member before committing. Choosing where you will be buried is an incredibly important decision that needs time and consideration.

If you want to proceed - you must pay for your plot in full, before a right of burial / pre-need certificate will be issued. There is a cooling off period of 28 days . If you change your mind during this time you will be entitled to a full refund of the plot cost but you will forfeit the trust contribution. You will need to return your right of burial certificate before a refund is given.

Cancellation requests must be made in writing directly to us. They cannot be made through a third party, unless through a health & welfare attorney. Beyond the period of 28 days your refund will be subject to an administration fee of £200 and you will forfeit the trust contribution. Ensure that your family know of your wishes as no refunds will be made to your estate once you have died.

Trust Contributions

We have a legally binding trust over Higher Ground Meadow to prevent it from ever being sold, when burial rights are secured we ask everyone purchasing burial rights to contribute to the trust fund. This is held completely separately from HGM and has no means of refunding. No money leaves the trust account, it is there so that when the time comes that all plots are used and any income ceases there will be the means to keep the site open for families to continue visiting and of course to maintain it.