Higher Ground Meadow

Price List 1st April 2024 – 31st March 2025

Meadow Grave: £845 Grants the right of a single burial or two sets of ashes.

Single Meadow Grave for ashes: £470 Permits one burial of ashes, limited choice of position. Also, spaces at the front of Tor View Wood £470

Woodland Grave: £1,025 Ash Grove & Cherry Copse are now fully reserved.  

Ash Wood: £1,025 a new area grants the right of a single burial, included is the planting of a young native tree. These plots may also be used for the burial of two sets of ashes, usually with the tree planted in the centre.

Tor View Wood, from £1,325 this area is also fully reserved.  We have a small area at the front for the burial of ashes £470 (no tree)

Rise Orchard, with fantastic views to the Mendip hills, Glastonbury Tor and Alfred’s Tower graves £1,695 Inc. fruit tree.

Woodland Grave: Ryams Spinney £975 This is a separate area where graves are used in sequence and we are unable to offer reservations beside. A whole grave may be used for one full burial or the interment of two sets of ashes. (the second set of ashes may be at a later date if required)

Woodland Grave for one set of ashes.  Ryams Spinney and Ash Wood  have available, plots beside a central shared tree, where two different families use either side of a tree £495 & £520

Grave preparation and completion is in addition to the above prices, currently £460 for a full grave and £175 for ash graves or £75 for ashes under the turf.   If you wish to inter some ashes at the same time as a full burial or an extra set when an ashes interment is taking place the fee is £200 ( cremation cert. required)                                

 We reserve the right to increase grave digging cost for ex large coffins.

Memorial Plaques: available for all graves.                                              

 plate sizes - small 4” x 2” £90   medium 4” x 4” or  5” x 3” £120      large 5” x 5” £143      

Ex. large   6” x 6” £157     motifs at £15 each.    Bench plaques £295 for 20 years.

For the burial of babies or children please contact us.

Fee for a DIY funeral ( no funeral director, family bring the coffin ) £175.00 covers our attendance, instruction and insurance.

Saturday funerals or bank holidays + £150,  Sunday + £200

Weekend interment of ashes without a service + £45 with service above fees apply.

Adopt a Memorial Tree: in the driveway or the shelterbelt £185 a memorial plaque may be purchased for positioning beside the tree. The right to this memorial is for the life of the tree or 125 years.

Higher Ground Meadow Trust.        We have a legal trust in place for the long-term security of the burial ground, ensuring that it will never be sold.  Any individual purchasing burial rights, adopting a tree or scattering ashes will be asked to contribute to the trust a minimum £35 per person. This fund will be used to manage the site when it is full and burials cease. (trust receipts are issued and the fund is bi-annually inspected by a solicitor)

Higher Ground Barn:  £200.  available to hire for holding the funeral/ memorial ceremony of your choice prior to an interment at HGM.  There is seating for 100 (+ standing) and a wood burning stove for heating.  A toilet adjoins the barn which is wheelchair accessible as is the barn and many wheelchair users have successfully negotiated the mown pathways in the burial area, dependant on weather conditions.

Note: No facilities for refreshments. Strictly, no food or drink allowed in the building.

The licence granting the right of burial at Higher Ground Meadow is for the term of 125 years, from the date of interment.  We make no charge for maintenance; it is our pleasure to keep the whole area looking as natural as possible whilst promising our love and devotion to this very special place. Please ensure you read our current terms and conditions especially regarding planting and placing of flowers following a burial. We remove incorrect plants.

Planning for the future: We offer the pre-need purchase of burial rights by full payment at current prices; if a close relative or partner wishes to ensure they will be able to use an adjoining plot this may also be purchased or reserved with a £50 non-refundable deposit, this will be deducted from the current prices applicable at the time of use.                                                                                       

Funeral Plans are available please ask for details.